Peoria Promise Application
7/24/2024 5:09:04 PM
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Welcome to the Peoria Promise Tuition Reimbursement Application!

In order to access the Peoria Promise tuition reimbursement application, you must FIRST confirm your eligibility by completing the pre-qualification section. This will determine whether or not you are eligible to apply for the Peoria Promise Tuition Reimbursement. All three questions must be answered in order to determine eligibility and proceed to the application.

The award will be applied to the entire academic year, fall and spring semester only. If you plan to attend ICC starting with the spring semester, the application MUST be submitted by May 17 (view due dates). There will be no exceptions or late submissions accepted. If you miss the application deadline, you will not be eligible to receive funding until the next academic year.

Additional scholarships are available through the ICC Education Foundation (